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Title: The Heath Burner. North York Moors,Yorkshire.

In the late winter/early springtime patches of old moorland heather are burned by 

gamekeepers to make way for new young shoots.Small fires are controlled so they 

won't spread or damage the peaty soil. At this time there are no birds nesting on the 

ground and the soil is still wet. The moorland is managed this way in order to 

maintain optimum living conditions for the Red Grouse that inhabit this interesting

 place. Red grouse feed off young heather shoots and build their nests and shelter in

 the taller, older plants. Burning the heather is essential, for without it the plants 

would grow tough, woody and would eventually collapse.

Title: Into the Unknown. 

This dreamlike scene represents the future in contrast to the scene below which 

represents times gone by. Taken on the Northumberland coast at Dunstanburgh on a 

snow covered beach, very early in the morning. The figure walks boldly into the 

future with confidence, depicting an air of optimism.

Memories by Julie Hamilton

Title: Memories 

Exhibited at the Cube Manchester: Northern Skies; June 2011 

Notes: This is a very personal work, reminiscent of fishing trips with my late father. One may call this the ‘nostalgic sublime’, a dream of times past, long ago. The sepia tones suggest that it is an old photograph. The mist adds weight to the atmosphere and the deliberate, slightly out of focus technique gives the scene a sense of a blurred vision of a fond memory. Taken in May on an early morning, in the Lake District, Cumbria.


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