My work has been described as ethereal,timeless and dreamlike, with an air of mystery and a touch of the sublime. Although technical skills are important, being creative with the camera is the key to my work.My images are not manipulated  during the editing process. They are 'as shot' with slight enhancements if I think it necessary for the desired end result.

Through these images I am exploring the concept of time...recording moments in time, that form a part of my personal memories of the places I have been.My endeavour is to create images that one can escape into… hopefully, images that you would like to hang on your wall. I tend to shoot the world as I would like to see it, an idealised view and have chosen a way to describe my style of photography in two words, it is ‘Contemporary Romanticism’. Artists from the Romantic era such as Casper David Friedrich,Joseph Turner and James Whistler all have an influence on my work. I also admire the work of contemporary photographers such as Elger Esser, Michael Levin,Susan Burnstine and the late Ernst Haas. 

I also love to produce abstract colour work, where experimenting with various techniques creates movement, diffusing the scene and merging the details into a work of modern art.


I was born in the mid sixties and have two grown up daughters. My time is split between two bases,one in Blackpool,Lancashire,where I originate from and the other in Darlington in the North East of England.

Coming from a strong art and design background I have always earned my living from art in one form or another.My main profession has been sculptor and painter of miniatures.Until recently I owned a glass painting business and held courses on the subject at college.

I've been using a camera from an early age,but it was in 2007, after having all my photographic equipment stolen in Morocco,that I realised how important photography was to me. This lead me to get serious about it, enough to do a Degree in Photography and Digital Design at Blackpool & the Fylde College.It was here that I discovered my own photographic style.


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Attention all book cover designers & other media design people...

A selection of my work is now available at GOTO-FOTO Stock Agency


Derek Woodman BMW Blackpool (2010 & 2011)

Blackpool & the Fylde College 2010 & 2011

Northern Skies - Graduates Exhibition.

The Cube Manchester

June 2011



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Expressions of Time - NOW AVAILABLE in e-Book format. This is my first book I produced at university, from which I have since revised and edited. 

You can view the revised version at the London Photographic association Website here 

A selection of prints from this book will be available soon.

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